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5 Helpful Tips for an Intimate Outdoor Beach Wedding

The unparalleled beauty of our mother nature never fails to impress us.  This is why most couples choose to have an outdoor beach wedding under a beautiful sunset or overlooking the glittering sun rays of the sea.  Some thought of having the wedding out of the comfort of their backyards. But, whatever your choice may be, you need to make sure your outdoor beach wedding is done brilliantly.

So, after the entire announcement and planning, what could possibly go wrong? – everything!

As what the old saying goes, prevention is better than everything; hence, prevent disasters and turn your intimate dream wedding into a marvelous one!

Roll up your sleeves and start writing these tips down:

1. Study your chosen location

Regardless of your choice, be it backyard, beach, or garden, you must check the place a thousand times.  With the weather so unpredictable, you must ensure the location is spot on! Still, you want everything perfect and nice without spending too much.

When you are still in the process of deciding where to have the intimate wedding, do not forget that the best outdoor beach wedding is done during the summer season. You have zero percent chance of rain, as well as, having all possible options available for you.  The only downfall is, prices are high! So, if you don’t want to go overboard on your budget, consider choosing a date that is an off-peak season without compromising your taste and the quality.

2. Consider having reliable logistics

The last thing you want to happen is to have a disastrous outdoor beach wedding.  Not to scare you or anything, but it does really happen!  So, save your intimate outdoor beach wedding by hiring the most reliable logistics company.

In an event like a beach wedding in Calatagan, you must create a place that will serve as the “icebreaker” of the moment.  Where they will be in awe and feel comfortable to stay and have catch-up sessions with friends and relatives.

The logistics of an outdoor beach wedding must consider the following:

  • The place should be accessible to everyone, especially, elder people, pregnant women, or handicapped.

  • Make sure the signage is presentable and easy to read. For example, restrooms, event areas, food sections, and where to put slippers or shoes, especially, if you chose to have an intimate beach wedding in Calatagan.

  • Give yourself and your guests more time to enjoy the wedding by giving a grace period. We know weddings usually last for 4-6 hours, but because there are people who would be travelling from afar (not to mention the traffic) and some last minute touches, it will end up more than that. So, brace yourself by ensuring you have the right quantity of food, drinks, glasses, etc.

  • Maintain the quality of food by ensuring the food is still hot, presentable, and well protected by strong winds and insects.

  • If you choose to be at a beach, make sure there are tiki torches to shoo away these insects and flies all over the place. Offer a mosquito repellant station just in case your guests need it.

  • Ensure the lights can last until midnight. Ready the lamps or candles to make it more intimate.

  • Set up proper (and sturdy) decorations. If it is a beach wedding, make relevant decors such as seashells, starfish, and more. If it is a garden wedding, make sure the lights or chairs won’t flip over if the wind gets stronger.

  • When it comes to food, make sure the caterer knows where to put the food and what food to offer. Spare yourself from stain-magnet food that will ruin yours and your guests’ dresses. Avoid serving food that can spoil easily.  If it is as requested, store it in a cool place to maintain freshness and quality.

  • Ensure you have proper permits to do a wedding. There are some places that needs to ensure that the other homeowners (in case you are having a garden wedding) are updated and won’t be disturbed with unusual noises. (Yeah, I know, but there are people like that!)

  • This is the most important: Keep everyone, including you, HYDRATED.  Provide accessible water stations for everyone, especially, if it’s the time to get down and party! Alcohol can make someone dehydrated fast, so provide enough water to keep hydrated. Furthermore, outdoor beach weddings are 95% during summer, so summer-related diseases can incur if one is dehydrated.

3. Keep your guests in the loop

Make your guests feel comfortable by keeping them in the loop.  Give them proper instructions about the location – if you can try adding a little bit of history, the weather forecast for the day – in case they need to bring sunscreen, and lastly, inform them if they need to bring extra clothes, in case you will be giving them passes to go swimming!

4. Hire extra help

I know we are aiming for an affordable and intimate outdoor beach wedding, but we don’t want to compromise the event itself – being the best day of your life! Hire extra help if you can.  This tip goes to those who are choosing massive places such as beaches and gardens.  Hire extra logistics in ushering the guests, providing glasses of champagne (extra help won’t hurt!)  In short, give them a reason to remember your wedding as one enchanting moment, not just a traditional one.

5. Have a backup plan

It is always great to have a contingency plan! Like I mentioned earlier, the weather is unpredictable.  It could be really sunny in the afternoon and will rain in the evening, or rain while the sun is up! Anticipate these “gatecrashers” by ensuring a strategic backup plan.

Things to consider:

  • Set up tables and food stations inside the premises, too.

  • Make sure you have extra tents in case it rains hard.

  • Bring in some sturdy tarps, in case the indoor is small for the guests.

  • Do not settle for plan B alone. Make a plan C or improvise if you can!

Intimate outdoor beach weddings are now becoming a trend in the Philippines.  Everyone is going unconventional; so plan your beach wedding in Calatagan by considering these 5 helpful tips to achieving your best intimate outdoor beach wedding.

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