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How to Save Your Beach Wedding Day from Disaster

Beach weddings are becoming a more popular choice nowadays for couples because of the exquisite beach wedding locations available here in the Philippines. Beach wedding planning is exciting as it is but is also a real challenge. So we’re giving you a heads up of some possible problems that are difficult to anticipate at a beach wedding and advice on how to fix it.

Problem #1:    The Weather

A beach venue in Calatagan is a great spot for an outdoor wedding, the sand, the amazing view of the ocean, the beautiful skies. But then suddenly, minutes before the ceremony, rain starts to pour. You might be prepared for this natural occurrence and got you and the guests covered with umbrellas, but what about other complications?

The fix:  Rent a Tent!

It is best to have a plan B and prepare for a second location for your Batangas beach wedding ceremony. Select a venue that can accommodate guests on a covered area (like a tent or a session hall) when the weather stops to cooperate. Being prepared on things you can’t control or having several back-up plans will be the key for the perfect outdoor beach wedding.

Problem #2:    The Blinding and Scorching Sun

One of the best things about a Batangas beach wedding is the amazing view of the sunset – unless your guests are blinded by it. We all know outdoor wedding beach venue in Calatagan are either overwhelmed by natural light or will experience ultimate heat because of the sun.

The fix:  Right Timing

Plan your beach wedding at the right time! Never start the ceremony at noon time – when the sun is up at its peak – your guests will be pretty furious if that happens. The perfect time could be around 3 in the afternoon, just when the sun is about to set. The reception can take place at dinner time as well.

But just to be sure, arrange to see your beach wedding venue at the time of day that you want the ceremony to take place, so you can plan the lighting accordingly. If you’re still worried that it still might be too bright, decorate the place with sheer and colorful drapes or hang fabric so the sun can still shine in, but will tone it down a little bit. If your location becomes to dark come evening, turn low lighting into mood lighting with strategically placed candles all around the beach wedding venue.

Problem #3:    Beach Wedding Budget

There are a lot of factors to consider on a Batangas beach wedding that only a professional wedding planner can properly advise you about. But one of the most important things to consider is the budget you allotted for this special day. Having a beach wedding will probably cost you an arm and a leg, so it will be best if you consider all the cost you make for this event.


The fix:  Beach Wedding Package

Lots of beach venue in Calatagan are offering beach wedding packages that suit the needs of couples on a budget. Look for the perfect beach wedding location offering rates that will not break the bank but can ensure a good quality beach wedding ceremony and reception. A good beach wedding package will include a spacious ceremony and reception venue, food catering, photography coverage and prepared venue setup.

Problem #4: Wilting Wedding Flowers

Brown is a nice beach wedding color, but not for flowers. You might experience wedding décor flowers already starting to wilt, even when the main course haven’t even been served yet. Flowers bruise and wilt easily, more often on an outdoor Batangas beach wedding.

The fix:  Wedding Flower Choices

Go with flowers that don’t easily bruise/wilt and will go the distance. Hardy blooms like lilies, sunflowers, gerbera and daisies are good bets for this occasion because of their tough petals and woody stems. These will last longer than soft flowers like gardenias, tulips or lily of the valley. Hire a good professional florist that will help you the entire time until the big day comes.

Problem #5:    There are fewer chairs than guests

At the day of the wedding, there are some people that might show up uninvited or some guests probably brought unreserved plus ones. Things like these are common in a wedding, so don’t panic.

The fix:  Plan for extra

If you chose a good beach wedding venue, like a beach venue in Calatagan, chances are they will provide you with extra food and squeeze in a few extra chairs and tables to accommodate these uninvited guests. Coordinate with the venue manager to plan this; do not let a few extra guests spoil your wedding.

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